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Easter is later than normal this year, taking place over the weekend of April 22nd to 25th. The dates mean that not only do we have two weekends of Bank Holidays in a row, but also that you’ve still got a lot of time to buy Easter chocolates for friends and family, if you’re that way inclined!

Below is a guide to the best places to buy your Easter eggs and chocolates in Bristol, if you’re looking for something a little different to the norm… Read the rest of this entry »


If you’re stuck for ideas for Mother’s Day presents for next Sunday, April 3rd, take a look below for some food and drink gift ideas from local traders and producers… Read the rest of this entry »

If the previous posts featuring gift suggestions (hampers and restaurant vouchers) aren’t what you’re after, then how about buying your foodie gifts from a range of Bristol-based companies offering treats for those with a sweet tooth? Read the rest of this entry »

Unintentional Swinky Sweets trip on Monday. I met a friend for a lunchtime Nando’s fix, and talking about Bristol Bites over our chicken led to cupcake-related chats (you’ll find out why next week with the next Local Spotlight post). Unfortunately for my waistline, I struggle to talk about cupcakes for ten minutes without starting to crave one…so we headed down to Swinky’s for an early afternoon sugar rush. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever heard of a film launch being celebrated with the creation of new cupcake varieties? No, me neither. That’s precisely what Park Street-based Swinky’s Sweets have decided to do this May.

The arrival of Sex And The City 2 has provided Gareth and his team with the perfect excuse to create two new cupcake flavours, which will be launched this Friday, May 28th. Having already decided that Miranda’s character is perfectly represented by their existing, reliable chocolate cupcake, and Charlotte’s by traditional vanilla, the two new flavours are designed to capture the essence of Samantha and Carrie, namely…

Cosmopolitan Cupcake: Blitzed cranberries infuse vanilla sponge cake with a hint of lime zest to stand up to the sweetness. Topped with a Cranberry, Orange and Lime Frosting, the only thing missing is the Vodka!

Swinky’s ‘Dirty Martini’ Cupcake: Light chocolate cake is wrapped in martini-chocolate frosting and drizzled in salted caramel! Elegance with a feisty kick and a potential classic.

The new cupcakes are priced at £1.75 each to take away, £1.95 each to eat in. Better still, the shop are offering a free bag of 80’s retro sweets to anyone who buys one of their Sex And The City cupcakes on May 28th, and whispers “Life Is Sweet” to the staff when ordering.

New cupcake flavours AND free sweets? Can it get any better? (actually yes – I get paid on Friday 🙂 )

For more details of Swinky’s Sweets, including location, check out their website here. Enjoy!

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