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I’m Em – originally from Essex, followed by five years in London, and I’ve now been living in Bristol since August 2009. As you’ve probably guessed, I have a keen interest in food: its sources and origins, cooking, eating out and – most importantly – finding new ways of expanding my knowledge and experience in this area.

I’ve not been in Bristol for a huge amount of time, and am keen to spend more time exploring the area in which I live, so that it feels more and more like home. Until recently I don’t think I had realised just how much Bristol has to offer, and so decided to create a blog on the subject – not only to catalogue my own journey, but to share my discoveries with others, and hopefully learn from these others too!

The aim of this blog is to keep Bristolians up-to-date with what’s happening in the foodie world in their area…so if you’re a Bristol-based restaurant, shop, supplier who has something to shout about – or anyone who’s made a great foodie discovery in this city that they want to share – then drop me an email at and let me know! 🙂

Em x


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It would be good to see you visit Bath Farmers Market one Saturday which is where i trade. I make hand made cured and gluten free chorizo’s and other wild game and pork sausages and crepinettes. Plus i sell wild food products.
I am a bit of a cynical bugger and not that interested in brown nosing to get attention. I trade because i love to create interesting and unique products which are picked,prepped & made by myself. I also run wild food and fungal forays see

Thanks for commenting, Andrew – Bath Farmers Market is on our list of things to do, and being massive chorizo and mushroom fans it would be great to have a chat!


We represent a hotel/restaurant company in Bristol and we’d love to keep you up to date with new menu launches/taster sessions? Do you have an email adress we could send you some info to?

Hi Debbie – I’m on – look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Em

A friend of mine that lives in Cleveland in US just send me the link of your blog! 🙂

It is so interesting to read about things that are happening in our door step! And to see how much you help business that are starting and/or have something interesting to share about! Thank you for the iniciative! I am happy you decided to start your blog here in Bristol instead of Essex or London!

I work with food, more in particular cakes. I spend many hours decorating them and I think because they are so special from outside inside needs to be as nice.

My big concern is with the ingredients I use. So I made a big research in trying to find the best possible products to make my cake with. Jersey milk, free range eggs, Madagascan vanilla, French butter, Billingtons sugar, Belgian chocolate are the main ingredients I use.

I started to work from home because it was a way for me to stay with my daughter and to do something that I am passion about it!

I did a new website now… it is really cute! I decided to invest in it so I could try to reach a public the doesn’t know about my work.

Hope you can see it and really hope you will like it!

All the best!



I would like to introduce myself, Iza, and my business, La Cuizine.
I love cooking, food and sharing my knowledge through personalised cookery lessons , workshops and dinner parties service .
One of my workshop combine a cookery demo in French with food tasting during the session and are addressed to Francophiles foodies. No need to worry about the language side of things : speaking is optional , but eating is compulsory:)
If you think Bristol’s foodies might like what I do, I have few upcoming workshops in Nov and Dec. For all the info:


Hi Em
If you live anywhere near Keynsham we’d love to have you in our new W.I.
(hopefully this will be updated tomorrow)


Nice to meet you last night.

If you go to my website,, you’ll find my contact details and in the recent blog posts you’ll see a link to the Papaji shots. They’re also on my eventphotographybristol facebook page.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Hi Stu,

Great to meet you too!

Brilliant, many thanks for the link, much appreciated. Will give you a shout when the post is up – let me know how you’d like to be credited on the pics…

Thanks again,


Hi Em,
I have a Devon-based food blog but grew up in Bristol. Thinking of having a 40th birthday celebration (my own!) in Bristol later in the year for about 20 people – could you recommend somewhere suitable. Looking for good value (doesn’t have to be really cheap, but want it to be value for money), interesting / funky location, fab food. I was wondering about the Clifton Lido place, or Hotel du Vin, or a supper club?

Would love to hear your views. Thanks!
Grazing Kate

Hi Kate,

I guess it depends on what sort of food you’re after really. I’ve not yet tried the Lido or Hotel du Vin, so can’t make a valid recommendation, but if you’re after somewhere different and good for sharing, I’d definitely recommend Sands Lebanese ( – they’re great for big parties too.

Juniper on Cotham Road South is also fantastic ( and has an upstairs room that can be booked out. And for a great Italian that’s good for groups, have a look at San Carlo ( – it’s a chain, but serves decent food and has a great atmosphere.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, Em,

That’s brilliant – I think I was just going for the others as they’re the ‘obvious’ ones to someone who doesn’t live in Bristol any longer, but a local’s recommendation is going to be so much better.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply and I will check out the websites.


No problem – that was just off the top of my head, so if I can think of anywhere else that stands out, I’ll be in touch! 🙂

Hi Em,
It was lovely to see you at the Your Sushi master class this week end. Hope you had a great time with Chef Kiyoko and myself…please let me have your feedback!
We are happy to give a discount to your readers if you wish to.

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