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Second Bishopston Supper Club – January 14th 2011

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Not long to go until the second installment of local chef Danielle’s Bishopston Supper Club, set to take place on Friday, January 14th….

A suggested donation of £25 per head provides you with a four-course meal, this time featuring leek  and gruyere tart, home-cured salmon with beetroot and horseradish, jugged hare and spotted dick with custard – however, Danielle’s happy to adapt the menu to special dietary requirements. Guests bring their own drinks, and spend a relaxed and informal evening in the company of up to 11 other diners.

I was lucky enough to attend the first of Danielle’s supper clubs on December 17th – and on the basis of that evening, I’ve booked my place for the first of what should be monthly gatherings in 2011.

The candelit table and roaring fire were the perfect foil for the icy weather outside for the 10 of us gathered for the last evening…as were the mulled cider and wild mushroom crostini that we were served as we arrived 🙂 They weren’t, however, ideal lighting for photos, so I apologise for the quality of those that I’ve included!

The starter was one of two courses where we’d been asked to make a choice between two dishes in advance. While some of the diners opted for the Jerusalem artichoke soup (and cleaned their bowls), I decided on the wild rabbit rillettes – a large, meaty portion of shredded and potted rabbit, served with cornichons and homemade bread.

The fish course consisted of a large fillet of perfectly roasted Cornish pollack, sitting on a bed of cauliflower puree and a creamy sauce with cockles, and topped with crispy ham.

Next, onto the course I’d really been looking forward to – the pheasant. Danielle had prepared not only a roast pheasant breast, but also a rich confit leg of the bird, served on a bed of braised red cabbage. To continue the seasonal theme, the table shared a bowl of cavolo nero (I seriously need to find out how everyone else is cooking this stuff, as it’s only when I cook it that I can’t stand it…) and a delicious celeriac gratin.

I’ve been (jokingly, I hope) berated by another food blogger for tending to opt for cheese rather than dessert, and this time is no different. As he couldn’t attend, he was hoping for photos of the chocolate, orange and stem ginger torte with clementine crisp and Cointreau granita…but I got sidetracked 🙂 Instead, he’ll have to make do with a fellow diner’s comment in Danielle’s comments book: “Choc torte was the best, great attention to detail”.

While I’m a little regretful that I didn’t go for the torte (or attempt to beg a slice to sneak home), I was more than happy with the cheese. Danielle served four great local cheeses (Stichelton, Caerphilly, and I *think* Wigmore and Old Demdike, although my memory may have deserted me…) accompanied with a homemade quince paste and cider chutney. Delicious 🙂

Coffee and tea followed, as did the chance for Danielle to sit down with her diners and have a chat – well-deserved after a long but successful night in the kitchen! I met some fantastic people that evening (and experienced a very diverse range of conversation topics…) – roll on the next evening. If it’s anything as good as the last, I may well have to try and book a place every month…

To book your place for January 14th, visit Danielle’s website for more information. Get your bookings in quick, though, as space is limited!


3 Responses to "Second Bishopston Supper Club – January 14th 2011"

Cant wait for the 14th :D:D espeically with the amazing Dessert.

The food really does look great!!

The shame of you having cheese and not the torte though….. the shame…

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